Tattoos by designer dru - Video Consultations


Hello and Welcome to Designer Dru’s Video Consultation scheduling page. First and foremost, I want to thank you for your interest in my work. This page is specifically for VIDEO CONSULTATIONS only. I want to ensure a smooth process prior to your tattoo appointment via a private video consultation to help manage expectations and to create a safe space to answer all questions prior to your tattoo visit. The intention is to meet your artist and discuss your tattoo’s locations, description, size, placement, pricing, and policies.

I am currently taking on large projects such:

✓ Full arm sleeves    

✓ Full Chest

✓ Full Torso

✓ Full Leg Sleeve

✓ Half arm wrapped

✓ Half leg wrapped

Some examples include using spirit animal vs alter ego themes, nature themes, Afro futurism, Asian themes, and other culturally based themes.  You can also tell a story or express emotions through your tattoos.

COVER-UPS: Any rework or cover-up of another artist's work will require approval to

cover the majority of the limb. Additionally, you will be required to book the first two

sessions to get started, after which, a single session can be booked. Best options will

be reviewed and discussed including angles, approaches and pricing.etc.

Once the client's idea, theme, and placement are agreed upon, Dru will require full

artistic freedom and expression to create the piece. Any last minute changes may result

in a forfeiting of the original deposit and / or a cancelation of the project.


Consultations can now be done by Facetime, Whatsapp.

The video consultation will also protect my existing and future clients from fake tattoo pages that scams deposits.