My Story

I was born and raised In Jamaica 🇯🇲. I have been drawing from a young age and that continued throughout my life, as a means of expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am now Licensed Tattoo Artist in Jacksonville Florida.

My journey in creative arts has allowed me to create clothing lines, canvas painting, sketching, painting, faux wall painting, flyers, logos, photo manipulation, illustrative art, pen art and now tattooing. 

I have stuck to tattooing because now whoever purchases my art work gets to express themselves boldly or coded in art form but wear it every day for the rest of their life. The quality cannot be counterfeited or easily duplicated, which means this is a high value luxury item.

My work focuses spirit animal vs alter ego themes, life lessons, life stories, nature themes, afro futurism, and other cultural based themes, Japanese/ Asian themes, which aims to telling a story or expressing emotions, thoughts  & feelings.